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Elaine (flygirl)

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  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 11-16-08 | 05:10 PM
  • Quote de flygirl
    Thanks Tracey,
    how are you feeling? I'm six weeks today and I had my first morning sickness today. I felt really sick until I ate something for breakfast. Isn't that strange that food made me feel better.
    Hi Elaine!

    Decided to reply to your post here so you didn't miss it.

    Glad that your morning sickness is going easy on you and is settled with breakfast! Apparently food often does. I'm feeling good thanks! Am 6w 4d today. Have had all day 'morning' sickness for almost a week now, like you it gets easier with eating, but I can't spend all day eating!! I'm chuffed to have 'morning' sickness really. Although it's unpleasant I've waited 10 years to feel this sick and tired, so it's great!!

    Do you have a scan booked in?
  • flygirl 11-17-08 | 03:53 PM
  • Hi Tracey,
    I do have a scan set up for the 21st. I can't wait until friday. I just want to make sure that everything is as it should be. Let me know how your scan goes on wed! So exciting.