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Feeling pretty low...

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  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 04-16-09 | 01:06 PM
  • Anyone who knows me will know that being given an injection or having a cannula inserted or blood-test is a huge deal for me.

    I had a less-than-positive experience when having a pre-school inoculation booster when I was about 4 1/2, and ever since then things with needles have never been nice experiences.

    At best I'm reduced to a blubbering wreck who pleads for it to stop, at worst I am irrational, adrenaline fueled and out of control. I am always mortified about how I behave about something so totally simple.

    I've done hypnotherapy, and things are a little better, but nowhere near as good as they could be.

    Well I had my 28 week blood-work, which was bad enough in itself, but today I got the news I had been dreading. I am anaemic and my blood-glucose levels are slightly elevated at 6.1 (even though there was no sugar in my urine). So this means that I have to have a glucose tolerance test, which means more blood tests.

    Today I am feeling very low, and can't help but wonder what I've done wrong to have these problems with my blood. I am also worried about putting our baby through the anxiety, as its heart-rate was pretty high after I'd had the blood test.

    My only hope for our baby is that Tuesdays result was caused by me eating my breakfast and having a large glass of OJ less than an hour before the test. Otherwise I'm looking at gestational diabetes, and another 12 weeks of needles and tests, and I can kiss goodbye to any kind of home-birth or low-risk unit.
  • savannah33 savannah33's Avatar 04-16-09 | 01:17 PM

    I would bet money that your results were because of the OJ and breakfast. Out of 3 children I had to have the 3 hour gluecose test with my middle child (daughter) only and I remember I ate a cinnamon roll and drank OJ that morning.

    the 3 hour test or whatever it is for you will come back with great results.

    I too hate needles and warn every nurse and Dr when I see them about my phobia. Mine is not as bad as yours I'm sure. You will get through it all and holding your little one you'll forget all about it.
Thank you savannah33!
Tracey and Neil (04-16-09)
  • Alisha Alisha's Avatar 04-16-09 | 01:29 PM
  • I'm not too phobic about the needles but can def. relate since my daughter is mortified now of getting shots and it takes about 3 of us to hold her down. I really hope the results are just from what you ate and you don't have to endure all that mess of more bloodwork. Good luck!
Thank you Alisha!
Tracey and Neil (04-18-09)
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 04-16-09 | 01:33 PM
  • Was the blood test you had your 1 hr test here? You are supposed to take it fasting! If you do have gestational diabetes, most likely you can control it with diet! I'd put yourself on the diet now personally as you wait for the next test. You're most likely to pass it well.

    Anemia is very common. It can be fixed usually through diet. Eat high Vit C foods with iron rich foods. Like have a spinach salad with fresh strawberries on it! If you eat red meat, have a small glass of juice or fruit with it. Strawberries, pineapple and oranges are usually the most available. The Vit C will help your body absorb the iron. I've been able to get myself out of anemic conditions this way! I have to be very careful while pg and eat combo's of iron and Vit C as much as I can. Its better for your system to use food to meet your needs vs. pills. Typically you'll get out of the anemia faster with real foods
    Plus its yummy and will help keep your blood sugar levels steady to eat fruits with other foods!

    Good luck and I hope you pass the next test! Just keep thinking about your baby! It will be hard, but very worth it!!!!!

  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 04-16-09 | 01:34 PM
  • I am sorry you are going through this. I would bet money on it that your sugar was elevated because of the OJ. There is ALOT of sugar and carbs in OJ that will shut it through the roof. I have a friend who is a diabetic and she doesnt drink OJ for this reason. Best of luck. Try to stay calm for babys sake !
Thank you Keepers!
Tracey and Neil (04-18-09)