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Keturah's Birth Story

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  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 09-02-11 | 01:20 AM
  • August 17th we were schedule to be induced (I was afraid of having a big baby since the other 3 were all close to 9 pounds) so my Dr said they could induce me at 39 weeks... I had the MOST uncomfortable pregnancy this time around, so i said let's GO FOR IT!

    So we got there at 7:30am and they said my room wasn't ready but another one was close to ready, so we had to sit in the waiting room for abour 20 minutes while they finished cleaning the room...

    When we got IN the room, they had me change, they asked me all their questions, then they started the pitocin. The contractions were not overly close at first, but they were regular. Also, not all that uncomfortable. I could feel them, but barely. So they upped the amount. Same thing, but they didn't want to up it too much since they were regular...

    A few hours into everything, my Dr finally checked me and broke my water. THEN I could FEEL the contractions BIG TIME! Eventually I ended up with IV stuff for the pain just to get a little rest, this one hurt more than any of the other three times I've been in labor for sure!

    FIANLLY, 3 hours after they broke my water (around 3:30-ish), it was time to push... It didn't take long, at 3:36pm, about 7.5 hours after they started the pitocin, Keturah Jubilee was born, 9 pounds, 3.9 ounces and 21 1/4 inches long!

    I was still in a TON of pain and I could barely look at my new baby who was laying on me. I feel bad about that, but DH was there talking to her, so I think that helped! I also lost a LOT fo blood, aso they ended up giving me something to stop that (THAT was not fun!) THEN I was finally able to enjoy my new baby girl!!!

    She had absolutely NO interest in nursing until HOURS later, but once she decided to eat, she ate... She ate once every hour on the hours almost all night long! BUT it was worth it because now, at 2 weeks old, she goes about 4.5-7.5 hours at night sleeping and she even is getting into a bit of a schedule during the day where she eats a few times then sleeps a few hours about 3 times a day... I can handle that!

    Her siblings LOVE her like crazy, no real jealousy issues (yet anyway, DH has been home for 3 weeks, he goes back on Tuesday...) We ALL love her like crazy! We are SUPER happy to finally have another baby in our house
  • teddybear1082 teddybear1082's Avatar 09-03-11 | 09:04 PM
  • Congrats & welcome to the world to Keturah!
Thank you teddybear1082!
koala_kaper (09-05-11)
Thank you MrsS1stbaby!
koala_kaper (09-06-11)
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 09-08-11 | 06:28 PM
  • Oh wonderful! So glad she is here!!! Welcome Keturah!
Thank you countrycutieluv!
koala_kaper (09-09-11)

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