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"Morning" sickness gone...bad sign?

"Morning" sickness gone...bad sign?

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  • Just30 01-08-08 | 08:09 PM
  • Some of you may know that I miscarried in October at 7 weeks 3 days (exactly the mark I will be tomorrow with this pregnancy). Anyway, of course this is bringing nervousness and anxiety. Well, I have been feeling really sick every day since last Monday...until today. I did get a few waves of nausea, but not like the past week or anything. I even exercised tonight which i definitely couldn't have imagined doing any other night.

    Anyway, any advice? Is it normal to have the sickness just go away like that? Of course I am terrified that something is wrong, but I have no other reason to think it. I am so frustrated that my miscarriage is preventing me from enjoying this's so unfair

    Thanks in advance for your support!!!
  • Jsimeone 01-09-08 | 09:26 AM
  • I think u will be fine. It can just go away like that. A friend of my was sick everyday all day for most of her 1st trimester and there were days were she was not sick at all.
    [SIZE=2]I wouldn't worry too much about it. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]You are in my prayers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Keep us intouch[/SIZE]
  • hayley27 hayley27's Avatar 01-09-08 | 09:58 AM
  • With my 1st preg I was hardley sick at all. Just a few days. This one I'm still sick. Yesterday I was fine this morning is awful. I think you will be fine. We all will be thinking about you.I think once you get past this mark you will enjoy your preg. I know with my 1st I worried till the day he was born and had no reason to worry.
  • Brendalw Brendalw's Avatar 01-09-08 | 10:42 AM
  • I would call if you are worried. Get you get an u/s yet i would ask for one! hows the boobs? i would call to make yourself feel better!
  • hklord hklord's Avatar 01-09-08 | 05:57 PM
  • With my first I was sick the entire first trimester. With this one I have only had 2 days where I have been sick. I think you are fine. I am thinking about you.

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