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  • saffy saffy's Avatar 05-03-10 | 06:07 PM
  • After our 2nd level 2 ultra sound and fetal echo we're having a very healthy BABY GIRL! We are so happy and excited.

    Her first name will be one of the two spellings, opinions welcomed.
    Emma is in memory of Mike's grandma's name and Lynn is my middle name and my best friend's middle name of 38 years. The e on the end would be for another best friend.

    Emmalynn or Emmalynne

    Her middle name is pretty up in the air. Thinking of the following.

    Francis Margaret or Margaret Francis ~ Francis is in memory of my grandma. Margaret is another best friends middle name (her fist name is Mary) but Margaret is also Mike's sister's first name. Her and I don't get along the best so I'm having an issue with that.

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  • LAB LAB's Avatar 05-03-10 | 06:16 PM
  • Congratulations on your baby girl!

    I like it as Emmalynn without the e. It looks wrong to me or like a typo with the e for some reason and I want to pronounce the silent e

    Do your other kids have 2 middle names? All of mine do, so I'd advise picking the first middle name being the initial that you want her to use. Most forms/gov't stuff doesn't have room for a second middle initial. So do you want her to be Emmalynn F last name or Emmalynn M last name as well?

Thank you LAB!
saffy (05-03-10)
  • saffy saffy's Avatar 05-03-10 | 06:35 PM
  • Thanks Laura!
    That was my problem with the e on the end as well, it doesn't look right.
    I have the same problem about silent letters too. My first name has an i in it but it is silent. Creates many problems.
    4 of my children have second middle names but it is a family name and is the same for each one of them from my ex's family.
    Our last name is Tumulty (like tum not too) so I'm trying to look at that too.
    Maybe I'll wait til she gets here and decide after meeting her. LOL
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 05-03-10 | 06:53 PM


    I have been thinking about you! So excited for you! A little girl.
    I like Emmalynn with Francis Margaret...I'm sure it will become clear once you meet her
Thank you countrycutieluv!
saffy (05-03-10)
  • saffy saffy's Avatar 05-03-10 | 07:56 PM
  • Thanks Carrie, I think of you too and hope you are doing good. I read your post from March 17 and was wondering if you got a bfp? I know the O was off a bit. I sure am praying for you!!!

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