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Preview Visit Yesterday!!!

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  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 07-07-11 | 01:58 PM
  • I can't believe I'm already 33 and a half weeks pregnant! It seems like it went by so fast (and now the next few weeks can't go by fast enough! I wanna meet my baby!!!)

    I had an appointment yesterday and then mybrth plan visit with the nurse. I'm measuring just above 32 weeks and the heartbeat was in the 130's. My BP was 96 over something (I can never remember the bottom number!)

    I got to make out my birth plan. I was expecting it to take longer (it always has in the past!), but thankfully I was out of the who appointment in less than 45 minutes! (I was SUPPOSED to sign paperwork for my preregstration, but the woman wasn't there and they didn't want to make me wait for her so I have to sign stuff next time! Hopefully this baby will wait untl after the 18th, when I'll be 35 weeks!)

    How is everyone else doing?
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 07-08-11 | 12:56 PM
  • I've got gestational diabetes and am very uncomfortable. Thankfully, I am 33 weeks today and I suspect they will induce me at 38 weeks because of the GD, so I should only have 5 more weeks to go. It's been over 100 here for more than a week so I am just ready for fall!
  • Mishas Mishas's Avatar 07-15-11 | 03:36 AM
  • I only have a few days to go as I'm being induced. Date is being kept hush hush, but it's within the week.