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Regular Clothes

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  • LMB2007 LMB2007's Avatar 08-14-09 | 12:15 AM
  • I'm so ready to wear normal clothes again. I know I can't be alone on this one! I was doing laundry last night and I was looking at my clothes as I put them in the washer, and thought " I can't wait to never see these clothes again!!!"
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 08-14-09 | 08:29 AM
  • Me too! Actually last weekend I was going through my closet trying to fnd something to wear and came across a shirt I had a long time ago the was empire waist and I put that sucker on and it fit!!! It felt so good to wear something different!
  • LMB2007 LMB2007's Avatar 08-14-09 | 11:37 AM
  • Oh that's nice when that happens. Most of my shirts aren't even maternity shirts, they are just empire type shirts. I have one maternity shirt that I bought that is so nice, but the darn thing is too short now, can't understand why they made it where it won't cover your belly but I have regular ones that will! And I mostly wear gaucho pants, after this is over I will probably never wear a pair of gauchos ever again!
  • ChandyRae ChandyRae's Avatar 08-14-09 | 12:35 PM
  • Oh man I feel you on that one!! Most of my maternity shirts are too short now - what the heck?? I found t-shirts at JCPenney that are nice and long, and were on sale, so now I have four of the same style in different colors.
    Anything to get me through these last few weeks!! Now if only I could find shorts that still fit me...

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