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A rough two days.

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  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 08-06-09 | 11:02 AM
  • My son Peyton (5) has been so sick for the past two days. On Tuesday he hadnt been feeling well and had a slight fever and I was giving him some Tylenol but then that night at about 10, he was sleeping, and I went to move him and he was roasting. I took his temp it was 104.5. I was freaking out!!! I called the emergency triage nurse and left a message and she immediately returned my call. She said that I needed to put him in a cool bath to get his temp down and follow up with his ped in the morning. Well Peyton was sleeping so you can imagine how the rest went. He was not happy to wake up at 1030 at night getting in a cool bath. But he did it and I put some light clothing on him and let him go back to sleep. We woke up the next morning and he was still running a fever. I had been giving him Tylenol as directed but it wasnt working. So I called his peds when they opened and had to leave a message and she called right back and asked if I could come now. So we went. I looked awful but I didnt care. We get there and had to wait a while, I guess cause we were a workin but we finally got seen and his fever was down to 101.3. She decided to do a strep screen and he did ok with that but didnt like it and the nurse comes back into the room and says "We had the wrong solution in there, we have to redo it" Peyton refused. He wanted no part of that thing gagging him again. It took 4 of us to hold him down and to get his mouth open. It was traumatic for both of us. Well that came back negative. So the NP came back into the room and said she didnt know what was wrong with him. Why he was running such high fever. She said she thought it might be a viral infection but would go ahead and give him an antibiotic because she wasnt sure. She also wanted him to have a flu swab done just to make sure it isnt the flu. We had to go to the lab for that. He did much better that time because they stick it in the nose instead of the throat. She said she would call us with the results but I have yet to hear from them. I am assuming it is neg or they would have called. Well we go get his med and come back home and he still doesnt feel good but is looking better. DH fix dinner last night (tacos) and surprisingly Peyton was ready to eat. He usually doesnt even eat tacos. But he ate almost all of his plate and most of his juice. Then he just wanted to lay down again. Well about 10 last night he was sleeping again and DH was about to go to work but before he did I had him check his temp. It was 104.9 that time. I, once again, was freaking out. I woke Peyton up and made him get in the cool bath and once again he wasnt happy. At least this time DH was home to help. I made him take a sick day last night cause I was afraid I may need to take Peyton to the ER. So after we got him out of the bath and I put a cold rag on his head, his temp was coming down. I had DH run to the store and get him a powerade. He drank a little bit of that and wanted to go to sleep. His temp came down to 102.2 after the bath. So he went to bed but neither night did he sleep well. I had to come to work today so I left him with my mom and I just called to check on him and she said that his fever has broke and he was eating just a little. I am really just praying that no one else gets this in the family. I am not sure what they(doctor) would do if my temp got high like that. Ugh I need sleep.
  • wymeg wymeg's Avatar 08-06-09 | 11:49 AM
  • I am so sorry you are dealing with this. It is miserable for everyone when our little ones are sick.

    I just wanted to mention a similar situation we had with wyatt when he was around 2 years old.

    It was the same he just kept getting this high fever, I was told to alternate tylenol with motrin to bring it down. But nothing worked. His norm ped was away so I took him to see a diff doc. It was Friday and he completely checked wy out and couldn't find any reason for his fever. So he told me I needed to take him to the hospital and have him admitted for further tests. Talk about being a wreck. But that is what we did and my poor baby had to get an iv for fluids etc. They ran every possible test on him and then quarentined him to his room just in case it was something super contagious. Well we were there for 3 days. Guess what the diagnosis was.... A freaking virus that they couldn't pinpoint but he could go home. Of course I got hell from my DH, because he was telling me all along he was fine and didn't need to see the doc etc, etc, etc. He came out of it just fine but it was one hellish ordeal!!
    I hope Peyton is feeling better soon, and you can finally get some sleep! Oh and of course I hope the rest of you all don't get it.
    Most likely it is just some crazy virus that has to run its course like Wy's was.
Thank you wymeg!
Keepers (08-06-09)
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 08-06-09 | 01:01 PM
  • So sorry it has been so rough! That is really hard. I hope you and your kiddo both are feeling better soon!
Thank you Mark'sbabygirl!
Keepers (08-06-09)
  • ChandyRae ChandyRae's Avatar 08-06-09 | 01:22 PM
  • Oh how miserable. Poor little boy, and poor mommy!!
    I hope he's feeling better very soon and that you can all get some rest - and that no one else gets it!!
Thank you ChandyRae!
Keepers (08-06-09)
  • hopeful7 hopeful7's Avatar 08-06-09 | 01:42 PM
  • Hope he feels better soon, and hope everyone else stays well. It is very rough having a sick little one. I know you probably already are but continue to encourage fluids. Hopefully this way he'll be able to stay out of the hospital and avoid IV fluids. Praying that his temp stays down this evening (they tend to go up during this you probably know). Thinking of you.
Thank you hopeful7!
Keepers (08-06-09)

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