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Telling the family

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  • 3Princes 12-25-08 | 07:18 PM
  • Oh my goodness.... what a comedy of errors. I took the kids upstairs specifically and put their t-shirts on. Matthew had a fit on the way down because he wanted to stay upstairs. (His shirt is the most important one, of course.) They all saw it, read both shirts, and said how adorable they were. My mom even asked for clarification. She said "Does Matthew's just say 'brother' on it???" NOPE I say. They all read aloud "I'm the BIG brother."
    Still.... nobody notices or says a word.

    So we actually went into everyone opening their presents and we got through about 1 when I said, "Will someone PLEASE READ the kids' shirts???"

    So they all said "We SAID they were really cute!" So my mom goes over it again.... and then she finally grabs my arm and yells out--- "OH JEANNE! DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL US?????????"

    I said "Yep! I'm pregnant!" and everyone (except MIL who has the emotion of a pretzel rod) started laughing/crying and saying "oh, how wonderful!" and "I can't believe it!" and "That's the best Christmas present ever!" and most of all "I hope this one's a girl!" So they were all excited and still talking about it today, and repeating over and over again that no, they won't tell anyone until at least my 6wk u/s.

    It was a great Christmas surprise but I couldn't believe nobody noticed for such a long time.
  • alb526 alb526's Avatar 12-25-08 | 09:14 PM
  • I'm glad it went well Jeanne!

    We told the kid's last night after dinner. We said Santa muct have come early b/c there was something in their stockings. My 17y/o DS got it right away and thought we were kidding his GF's mom just had a baby last month and all the kids were horrified. 10y/o DD was excited until she realized it might be a boy. 4y/o DS didn't really get it, he kept saying "I'm not the big brother" and tried to give his shirt back.

    We sent my ILs and parents a smilebox e-mail with "Happy Holidays from the 6 of us!" - pics of the kids with their baby stuff/t-shirts - "We are expanding our home by 2 feet. August 2009." We called my Dad and told him to check his e-mail while we were on the phone. He had to read it about 10 times before he understood then he acted excited. My mom got on the line and said, "Congrats I think, Merry Christmas, bye." We did the same thing w/my MIL (who also has the personality of a pretzel rod.) She got it right away and said something vague like "that's interesting."

    I think I'll send the same smilebox to more friends and family in a few days. I can't wait to hear how everyone else did today.
  • 3Princes 12-25-08 | 09:48 PM
  • Oh wow! THat's a great way to tell the parents and in-laws. It sounds like your oldest ds is going to be fine with it once it all sinks in. At least he knows someone else whose mom is pg.

    Anyone else??
  • AshFind06 12-26-08 | 02:02 PM
  • Thats good everyone was excited but hey i have a question for you amy how far along were you when you had your first u/s because i was having probs the other day and they did u/s and couldn't find heart beat but you could see the sac and something tiny in it and i remembered you had the same problem with your first just curious how far you were and if it was a vaginal
  • 3Princes 12-26-08 | 03:25 PM
  • I replied to your other post--- I'm pretty sure all u/s at this stage of the game are vaginal. Mine all were. I had a little bit of spotting but luckily at both my 6wk u/s they saw a h/b.

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