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Wee baby pics and labor story

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  • LAB LAB's Avatar 09-06-10 | 09:24 PM
  • We're home and getting settled in. Alister is a very calm and easy going newborn! I'm enjoying his sleepy state and trying to rest as much as you can with a fourth baby!

    I started having "false labor" on Thursday night the 2nd. It felt like cramps right in the lower front, every 5 minutes apart with no progression in frequency or intensity. It was just enough to keep me from getting any real sleep all night. I finally got out of bed and timed them at 6 AM. Still 5 min apart and felt like cramps just in the very low front. I decided I'd had enough by 7:30 and decided to make the trip to L&D so the contractions would stop and I could get some rest.

    I took a shower while my DH got the girls up and dressed. The contractions got a little more intense while I was in the shower, but not too much so. I was thinking I was just really tired and worn down. We head to the hospital and the contractions were getting more intense and I had to concentrate on relaxing so they didn't hurt so much. Still only in the low front and every 5 minutes. We get up to the observation room and I tell them that I hope I'm at a 3 cm. The nurse checks and the look of shock on her face when she says I'm at an 8 cm and we need to get me a room quick
    The contractions are the same 5 min apart and only in the lower front and really crampy. Nothing like labor has felt with my others.

    The anesthesiologist is waiting for them to put in an IV and such and she gives me a spinal. Love those things! So much better then any epidural! They give me a little pitocen to see if they can get the contractions to get closer together and I'm very quickly ready to push. Since its a holiday weekend, my OB was out of town with his family. So I had the on call OB. My inlaws arrive just as I'm ready to push and take Everett out of the room and kept him happy. So I give two practice pushes and Alister starts to go into distress. His heart rate is down and the nurse starts to get nervous and says that we need to get the baby out now! A nurse should never say such things to a woman that's almost lost a child in childbirth before! So I push hard and he literally flew out! It all happened so fast that I missed the actual birth and the OB nearly dropped him! My DH didn't take any pics and both the nurse and I missed that he was posterior! I ripped pretty good and poor Alister's head was quite bruised from his forehead to the crown of his head from the very fast delivery!

    So Alister Grant DePauw Allen was born at 11:01 AM weighing 6 lbs 8 oz and maybe/barely 18 inches. My smallest baby and a week earlier then the others. His cord was so short they had to cut it before putting him on me. After my DH cut the cord the OB was taking off the metal clamp from the placenta side of the cord and Alister grabbed it right out of his hand! Then he was showing signs of distress with nostril flaring and he didn't stop with oxygen so they took him down to the nursery for observation. His oxygen levels were at 100% though and he was able to come back to me by the time they got me stitched up.

    He's a great breastfeeder and a super calm, sleepy and mellow baby. I'm sure he'll "wake up" soon though. His big sisters are in love with him and his big brother is so excited that we brought him home a baby! Everett has been so good with him! I'm bouncing back quickly and managed to button my jeans today. My milk came in last night and I'm a super producer. I'm dealing with engorgement and where I tore is pretty painful still. Alister is as sweet as can be though and makes it all totally worth it!

    On to baby pics! Here he is all new:


    Me with Alister:


    Proud big sisters:




    Close up:


    24 hrs old and getting dressed to go home:



    He's so wee that he barely fit into his infant seat! He was 6 lbs 3 oz when we left


  • brandimichelle brandimichelle's Avatar 09-06-10 | 09:59 PM
  • Great story! Congratulations again Laura!!! He is beautiful and so tiny!!
  • ~babydoll~ ~babydoll~'s Avatar 09-06-10 | 10:13 PM

    Congrats and enjoy!
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 09-06-10 | 10:33 PM
  • WOW!!! What a story! He was in a hurry to come out, yeah?? He is so adorable and how special to get to see him in that cute little outfit you made for him- it brought a tear to my eye! You look GREAT too, btw- one of the benefits of a fast labor lol! Congratulations!!!!!
  • savannah33 savannah33's Avatar 09-07-10 | 09:46 AM
  • Congrats! I'm so happy you're both doing so well.

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