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Weekly rant

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  • Janine Janine's Avatar 07-23-07 | 12:16 PM
  • Ok, here's mine.....I am very uncomfortable! I've been spotting a little bit and had a few good contractions but nothing to get things really going. I can really tell that I have dropped because eating and breathing is a lot easier now. So it's looking like everything is getting ready to get started....and I have the doctor appt on Thursday where we'll talk about induction. Last time he scheduled me less than 24 hours later.
    Well, this week is my exhusbands week to have Kimmie, and he suddenly sprung it on me last night that he is taking her out of state this week even though he is supposed to co operate with me to have Kimmie available to be at the birth!
    Then he had teh nerve to get mad at me for not letting him know sooner that there was a chance I could have the baby this week...hello? It's baby, I can't exactly give you an exact date, now can I? Any reasonable person would realize that there is a general date range when a baby might be born. What's more is that we totally rearranged the entire summer schedule to accommadate his wedding in June....and this is how I get paid back!

    DH was trying reassure me last night that things will work out and we'll get her back in town in time for the birth somehow. But my last labor was barely 6 hours long.

    I am really hoping that my doctor will be on call this weekend and schedule the induction for Saturday or Sunday.
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 07-23-07 | 12:24 PM

    things have a way of working out, I am sorry the Ex is being so diffacult.
  • kareybear kareybear's Avatar 07-23-07 | 12:59 PM
  • Sorry about the ex. But I agree things seem to always workout
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 07-23-07 | 02:13 PM
  • Thankfully, it looks like he is changing his plans and only going 2 hours away. I am really crampy this afternoon, so it may be a non issue if I go into labor tonight or something!