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wow something I never heard of

wow something I never heard of

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  • ChandyRae ChandyRae's Avatar 08-06-09 | 12:28 AM
  • CHIPS?!?! That's disgusting!!
  • Alisha Alisha's Avatar 08-06-09 | 11:03 PM
  • I heard about this for the first time after watching one of the birth shows on TLC or Discovery Chanel. I'm all for maybe putting it in the earth before you plant a tree or something, but the thought of putting it into capsules sounds pretty gross. But to each is own! LOL I on the other hand will be more than happy to let my midwife inspect it after birth then toss it in the biohazard waste. LOL
  • ChandyRae ChandyRae's Avatar 08-07-09 | 11:34 AM
  • I kind of like the idea of planting it with a tree on some special property... but I'm not doing it! I'm with you Alisha, I'll check it out and then chuck it! It was funny, though... the other night I was on the computer and the TV was on, I happened to look over and it was some African documentary. This young boy, maybe 12, was telling his friends that his grandma asked him if he wanted to see where his placenta and umbilical cord were buried, and he said yes. (This is standard there and other places, often the mother or grandmother takes the placenta in secret and hides it because they believe that if someone wanted to harm the baby they could do so with the placenta, black magic I guess?) He said yes and she took him to the place and told him he must remember it, for when he dies it's the place his soul will return to. I thought that was kind of cool.
  • alb526 alb526's Avatar 08-08-09 | 01:15 AM
  • That's very interesting Chandra. I have a friend who has buried hers after her home births on the family ranch but I never relly understood what the meaning was.

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