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Almost done! Print Version

Janine 08-04-11 01:38 PM

Almost done!
I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow! Gavin is head down, measuring 6lbs, 4oz, and I've been having contractions off and on for over a week. I have a UTI which is not helping, but I did go from 1/2 centimeter last week to 2 centimeters yesterday! My doctor said he's pretty sure I am not going to make it to my daue date, though he thought I should make it to my appt next Wed. Right now since he's not measuring big, and my UTI and GD are under control, he is not scheudling me for induction. I am not sure I would recognize real labor since I was induced with my other 2! I am already dialted more than i was with either of them, and I lost my mucus plug yesterday, so I think it will be soon!

lauralkemp 08-04-11 02:29 PM

Ooo! Sounds like you'll be welcoming that little guy any day!