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koala_kaper 08-06-11 02:34 PM

Slow but sure
I had another appointment yesterday. I went from 1cm and 50% effaced last week to 1cm and 90% effaced this week. Baby's head is SO low and my legs hurt so bad it makes it hard to walk, but of course the last couple days I've been walking a LOT to try and get this baby out! :lol:

I have my next appointment on Wednesday and hope to either NOT make it that far ot at LEAST make some more progress on the dialating so she has room to scrape my membranes (that's what we did with the last baby and she was born the next morning!)

brandimichelle 08-06-11 03:36 PM

:lurk: Hopefully you'll make it to 39 weeks... people can stay dilated for weeks... I walked around 5cm for a couple weeks... it's much better for the baby's health to stay in as long as possible... sorry to rant but it's just the labor nurse in my coming out...I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable....

lauralkemp 08-06-11 11:19 PM

I got my membranes scraped at 39 weeks and 2 days and at 40 weeks on the dot. Joseph came just after 4pm the following afternoon of the second scraping.
Good luck with getting the kid to show his face. Lots of hugs.

KJCsabre 08-07-11 08:56 AM

Christina - is this the longest you've been pregnant? I mean Douglas was born so SO early and the girls too... bwahaha! :) *Giggle* J/K of course! Can't wait to "meet" the new addition!

koala_kaper 08-10-11 10:56 PM

Kayla- No, I was pregnant to 39 weeks with Athemia, so I'm getting pretty close! I'm almost 39 now (I will be on Monday) and I have an appointment tomorrow (was supposed to be today, but that's another rant!)

I guess I'll see what happens tomorrow!