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Screwy appointment! Print Version

koala_kaper 08-11-11 02:23 PM

Screwy appointment!
On Firday I had an appointment and when I went to schedule the next one they told me to come in on "Wednesday". Apparently they meant NEXT Wed (the 17th), but had they actually SAID the 17th, there's NO WAY I would have agreed to that or waited that long!

So I went in yesterday (thinking I had an appointment because of the misunderstanding) and my Dr wasn't even there! So they scheduled me for this morning instead...

So, the latest update is that I have made progress!!! I am now 2-3 cms, 90% effaced and even lower than last time (-1 is what she put in the computer)! She scraped the membranes and we schduled an induction for next Wednesday (the 17th) at 8:00am, so if I dont go into labor on my own by then, at least there's an end in sight!

Oh, and my Dr also said that I'm supposed to come in when I have regular contractions that are about 5-7 minutes apart (stress on the 7 minutes), because you never know how fast this one will go! I'm thinking that since baby is SO low and since I'm almost completely effaced AND this is my 4th baby, she thinks this will be a relatively fast labor (I wouldn't mind that at all :grin: )

Anyway, how's everyone else doing?

Janine 08-11-11 08:20 PM

I'm rigth there with you...2-3 centimeters dialted...he didn't tell me effacement but I could tell my cervix was a lot lower and softer this time because the internal exam didn't hurt this time. I'm waiting for the nurse to call me back because my doctor is trying to get me scheduled for an induction Wed as well.

brandimichelle 08-11-11 10:29 PM

Yay for dilating girls!

90% effaced is AWESOME!!

2babygirls 08-11-11 10:49 PM

Wed will be a special day! My DIL has a c/section scheduled for that day!

Mark'sbabygirl 08-13-11 11:36 PM

Woohoo! So excited for you guys!!! :)