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Can I be having a miscarriage??? Print Version

Niiicole 11-23-11 07:37 PM

Can I be having a miscarriage???
Last year I had a miscarriage and it was the hardest thing, now me and my husband are pregnant again and im always thinking that could happen again.. I'm only 5 weeks 2 days pregnant but the other day I went to the bathroom and had literally just one drop of blood after wiping and that was it and the tinest little whiteish/light pink clot like the size of a sunflower seed or smaller (that was the only blood) and that was it, no other bleeding or clotting or anything... idk what to think!

Also I havent been to a doctor yet cause we just found out i was pregnant! so HELP if you can.

lauralkemp 11-24-11 12:12 AM

Light spotting is normal early in pregnancy. Do you have an appointment with your doctor set up yet? Some doctors won't see you untill you are past 6-8 weeks but since you have a history of miscarriage you may be high risk and they'd get you in right away.
Good luck.

Dopey406 11-24-11 10:26 AM

I agree with Laura. This early on, bleeding is very normal. In fact, it could be implantation bleeding. Many women don't know that they are pregnant at this stage and mistake any bleeding for a period. I did that with my first pregnancy and didn't even test until I realized that my "period" didn't last more than about a day and was very weird. Low and behold, I was pregnant.

If the bleeding becomes heavier and turns bright red, definitely call your doctor. Otherwise, I'd venture to say that you're good to go.


MrsS1stbaby 11-24-11 01:08 PM

I agree with the other ladies. Spotting early in pregnancy is normal. I'm sorry to hear about your previous loss. I also had a miscarriage last year, but had no symptoms of on whatsoever. And when I got pregnant again afterwards I was always very worried. I did experience some colored discharge & slight spotting, but at our 7 week check up to confirm how far along I was, there was a heart beat. Now my lil man is next me babbling away in his activity center at almost 6 months old.

If you haven't already, call your doctor to set up an appointment.