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body scanners? Print Version

babycakes78 11-24-11 02:45 PM

body scanners?
Hi guys. I'm all of 5 seconds pregnant, due in July. I travel a lot for work, and wanted to get some thoughts on body scanners? Should I avoid them and ask for a pat down? Thanks!

lauralkemp 11-25-11 12:07 PM

Well since they are a type of xray I would err on the side of caution and avoid them. You can check out the TSA website and get more information about them and see if they recommend avoiding them. I looked but couldn't see anything specifically for pregnancy. But there are contact numbers you could call and find out.

babycakes78 11-26-11 06:01 PM

Thanks! I went through before thinking the other day, which is what scared me in the first place. No more!!!! I will choose the pat down. I just don't trust it.