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what tea is safe? Print Version

babycakes78 11-24-11 09:24 PM

what tea is safe?
Sorry I have been posting so many questions...suppose I am just freaking out a bit. I'm addicted to tea in the morning., and everything online has been confusing the heck out of me? I know no caffeine, but no herbal? Is peppermint tea alright? Help!!

2babygirls 11-25-11 12:19 AM

I think that pepperment maybe is supposed to cause contractions? But I didn't know at the time and ate York Peppermint Patties all thru my pregnancies without ever having contractions.

I googled "safe tea during pregancy" and this was the 1st link.

It says peppermint tea is safe so I dunno!

Patience 11-25-11 04:13 PM

I think one cup of almost any tea should be okay. I drink a lot of peppermint tea and didn't have problems, but if I were to do it again, I'd probably cut back to one cup a day of the herbal.

I think decaf black should be fine as are most herbals.

Everything in moderation, except illicit drugs, etc...
is my docs motto.

I know for me I was petrified of luncheon meats/cold cuts and hot dogs. I gave them up entirely and never started eating them again. Though if heated thoroughly, they are more than safe. We used to have a TBC member who ate LOTS of hot dogs during her pregnancies as she craved them and has three healthy and beautiful kids.

If worrying about the tea will cause you a lot of stress, then don't do it. Otherwise, I say enjoy a cup.

MrsS1stbaby 11-27-11 11:24 AM

I think you just need to watch your caffeine intake, so if they have your faves in decaf try those. I still drank coffee all through my pregnancy, but only a small cup in the AM and completely avoided soda.


blondclover12 12-01-11 03:06 PM

I believe one cup of coffee or tea a day is okay. Cold meat and soft cheeses you shouldnt eat