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Pregnant and bored Print Version

alanders_1 12-21-11 02:17 PM

Pregnant and bored
Hey guys. I have a little question for those expectant moms out there. Are any of you bored? I kind of feel like I can't do any of the things I use to enjoying doing so much, and I don't have the energy for other things. A lot of the problem is that I feel like I've had the flu for two months now. Am I alone on this one? I'm so excited to have this baby, but dang, this pregnancy thing isn't very fun.

2babygirls 12-21-11 02:36 PM

Hey sweetie when are you due? The 1st 3 months are the worst and after that you will get more energy. Its your body adjusting to having to provide for the baby. Hang in there!

CatherineFerreira 07-23-16 02:13 AM

During pregnancy we often have mood swings it's normal.