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Jen_C 01-06-12 02:30 PM

Just wondering if there is anyone new in this due date room? :) I'm due May 30th. I'll find out next week if this little one is a boy or a girl :tup2:

carren3d 01-09-12 12:07 AM

may 7
hi, im new to this room, My little one is due may 7th, i cant wait to get this over with :-)although I realized that I was one of the lucky ones bcuz all i can recall dealing with is increase appetite and a little discomfort when my tummy feels a bit stiff,due to the movements of the baby, but im really anxious to see him|her :bflip:

savannah33 01-09-12 10:17 AM

:wave: WOW girl haven't heard from you a while. Congrats!

Kit25 01-09-12 11:19 PM

I am due april 3rd with my 2nd little boy. Hoping this one cooperates and comes a little early. The last one was 2 weeks late. Cant wait to meet him, he's a little mover and just ready to get back to being normal me again.

natashalewis 01-17-12 06:57 PM

Hi Jen C,

I am new to this website. I am expecting baby number 2 and we find out this Friday the sex. Our due date is June 7th. Where are living when you say it's cold?