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Can anyone guide me please?

Can anyone guide me please?

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  • egypporrepp 11-01-17 | 12:17 PM
  • Hello June. Well, that depends. First, tell me if you have a clinic in mind? If not then I can suggest one. The timings vary for each clinic. The one I know of for instance take approximately three months. This includes the initial consultation to the implantation of fertilized eggs in the surrogate mother. During this time the selection of the SM is done. The egg donor is also found in this time. The time might exceed in complicated cases. These include cases where fertilization is hard. Where multiple attempts are required before being successful. Similarly, like time clinic policies vary too. The clinic I mentioned helps you with selecting the donor as well as the SM. This might not be the case with all the clinics though.
  • webasisid 11-01-17 | 01:11 PM
  • Hi June Clarke, I hope you are doing fine. Would I be able to please inquire as to for what reason would you like to go for surrogacy? What issue or malady would you say you are experiencing? Have you counseled the specialist with respect to your concern? What do the specialists say? I was experiencing ovarian cancer. I simply recouped from it a year ago. My significant other and I chose to go for surrogacy. We began surfing the web on it. We found about a clinic, which pocket-friendly so we chose it. My ovaries were evacuated because of malignancy. My uterus was likewise influenced because of the cancer cells. I was unable to produce eggs of my own so we require an egg donor. We made an appointment with the clinic. They took a couple of essential tests. The term to find surrogate mother is 1 to 3 months. For our situation, it took just about 2.5 months. The clinic was as of now has a wide database of surrogate moms and egg donors. You do not need to find the egg donor or surrogate mother. The clinic will help you in doing so.
  • fyffijogyx 11-01-17 | 01:24 PM
  • Hello June Clarke, I hope to find you to the best of your health. Can I please ask why do you want to go for surrogacy? What problem or disease are you suffering from? Have you consulted the doctor regarding your problem? What do the doctors say? I was suffering from ovarian cancer. I just recovered from it last year. My husband and I decided to go for surrogacy. We started surfing internet about it. We found about a clinic, which was pocket-friendly and patient-friendly so we opt for that one. My ovaries were removed due to cancer. My uterus was also affected due to the cancer cells. I was not able to produce eggs of my own so we need an egg donor. We made an appointment with the clinic. They took few necessary tests. The duration to find surrogate mother is 1 to 3 months. In our case, it took almost 2.5 months. The clinic already has a wide database of surrogate mothers and egg donors. You don’t have to find the donor egg nor surrogate mother. The clinic will be finding both for you.
  • nohuduwi 11-01-17 | 01:44 PM
  • "Hi June,

    BioTexCom surrogacy clinic in Ukraine requires 1-3 months to find a perfect surrogate mother for your baby.

    They have a database of surrogate mothers who meet all the needed requirements. In case the couple is interested in providing the clinic with the relative, friend or completely outside person - that too is allowed, however, they must fulfill the set requirements.

    The main requirements for the surrogate mother are:
    - an upper age limit of 35 years old;
    - good overall health and possibility to undergo a pregnancy;
    - having at least one healthy own child;
    - sound mental health

    Hope I was helpful
  • ivanulleg 11-01-17 | 01:59 PM
  • "Yea, most of them require 1-3 months, normally they find it within 2 months' period. 3 is mentioned probably just to be on the safe side.

    I agree with the other lady's info and find it accurate. That's exactly what they do. SM can be anyone. It's up to you, if you want to provide them with the one then you have all the right to do so... but that person must meet the requirements first.

    In case you can't provide them with the egg, again you have a choice to provide them with the woman you want to be the donor or they will do this job for you.

    Good day!"

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