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  • melissamontgomery 08-07-17 | 05:51 AM
  • Hi, I had ovarian cysts due to which I had to undergo oophorectomy to remove my ovaries. I do not have any children but want to have one desperately. I need to know what can I do except adoption. I too want to give birth, may be somebody had the same problem and had successful treatment. Please help.
  • bettygary 08-07-17 | 06:01 AM
  • Hi there, I understand how you feel to not have any children. I had hysterectomy, my uterus was removed. I was totally broke after the surgery as I too didn’t have any children at that time. But gathered up myself and found a way. I found a clinic named Biotexcom-centre for human reproduction. They know different ways of fertility treatments. I took to egg donation and surrogacy. You can also consider this. Hope this helps you out.
  • natashawilliams55 08-07-17 | 06:02 AM
  • Hi, I had oophorectomy because I had cancer. Doctors told that we will have to do this to reduce the chances of ovarian cancer. One of my ovaries was removed. After that I had long and tiresome treatment and at time I didn’t think that I could take care of myself. Although I had one ovary but the quality of eggs was not good. I did a lot of research on infertility and the options that could work for me and then found that egg donation is the way to go. I am now in the middle of the process and everything is going great. And I hope it will be the same. You should also opt this to help get pregnant. All the best.
  • natashawilliams55 08-07-17 | 06:04 AM
  • Hi ladies, I feel for you all. I hope that you continue your journey with positive results. A friend of mine couldn’t get pregnant because her ovaries were removed due to a complicated disease. And she didn’t give up and applied for egg donation program. Thank God, she became pregnant after 3 trials and is now a mother of 2 beautiful girls. Could you believe she got pregnant? That was the best day for her and me as well. So, don’t give up ever. Keep trying and looking for options. Hey (Melissa), as everyone has told that egg donation is the option, I too recommend that you should go for it. All the very best, hope that you get what you want.
  • melissamontgomery 08-07-17 | 06:16 AM
  • Hi everyone, this is such a great place to put the thoughts and get support. I thought that I was alone and lost all hope. But thanks to you all ladies for helping me out and providing success stories. (Bettygray), thanks for sharing about the clinic, I would surely contact them. Thanks to all of you, really appreciate to have taken time and given solution.

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