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Nkechi1986 06-16-15 09:52 AM

Yesterday made us 7th month and we have been having sex regular and nothing seems to happen what might be the cause?

mandrew413 06-26-15 03:20 PM

I still have not been able to Private message my info. I posted my address publically and still have not gotten any response from anyone. my daughter won the Feb contest. our address is 1389 hwy 139 #113 monroe, la 71203. i am not sure what else to do??

Sabbie 09-17-15 04:48 PM

M greatful to be part of group.. M a 1st time mom

Sabbie 09-17-15 04:50 PM

Hello guys.. I'll apreciate any help frm corcrning my 3 months baby soon to be 4

lmills 10-21-15 03:49 PM

New Nana here! Just wanted to say hi!