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Chickie 05-04-12 10:32 PM

Congratulations :) Welcome to TBC!

Tatumtustin 05-06-12 04:46 AM

Hi Chou. I'm due in January and my son is 10 , so I too share your comment " not sure I remember how to do this". I'm hoping it will come flooding back!!

chou 05-06-12 07:42 AM

Tat, well let's keep in touch. Maybe b/t the two of us we'll remember! lol Did I mention I'm 42 y/o? Kinda waiting to see if it's gonna 'stick'.
Congrats to you! :babybow:
~ chou (pronounced 'shoe')

Tatumtustin 05-06-12 09:26 PM

Hey Chou , I'm 40 and yes nervous wanting desperately for baby to stay ! To be born healthy. I'm trying to do all the right things no coffee , no wine, lots of chinese herbs!!! Good luck to you , will keep in touch. I'm only 4 weeks pregnant!!

coriann2 05-12-12 08:30 AM

Hello Everyone...I'm a mother of 2, my son is 13 and my daughter is 9. We are expecting #3 after our successfull vasectomy reversal....very excited but nervous..haven't done this is a while!