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SMoncz 03-12-14 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by cmthompson (Post 3027285)
I am new here. I just found out I am having my second child and my first one is now only 10 months old. I am hoping I can get through it all alive! :) I feel so blessed to be having another child though and cannot wait until February

Wow, so glad I'm not alone with this age separation of my babies. :))) I am wondering if I will make it through alive as well!

ladyepic001 03-27-15 11:24 AM

Thank you I am a mom of three

mandrew413 03-30-15 09:54 AM

Here is my address
Mandy Price
1389 Hwy 139 Lot 113
Monroe, LA 71203

mandrew413 04-08-15 11:12 AM

Did you get my address?? i still am unable to send a private message or reply to any posts??

194fulbeck 04-15-15 09:32 AM