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Young lady 09-24-17 04:21 AM

Nothing is more painful than the infertility of the women. This is what I was going through. The pain of not having my own baby was killing me day by day. After that I realize that I should go some well-known clinic for IVF treatment. Someone recommended me for the biotexcom. To be really honest. They have amazing and helping staff. They motivate me too much. I’m really happy for being a mother now. I shared this story to motivate you all. Don’t be afraid. Be positive. Things will work. I hope this post will motivate you all. Thanks for your time. Stay happy

magicunicorn 10-05-17 08:23 AM

Hi @younglady.. welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing your story. Glad to know you found the right treatment and clinic for you.
Sorry to ask.. but.. Did you do IVF with your own eggs? Or with donor eggs?
I would like to know more about it.
Thanks for sending your good vibes. Good luck!