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23 wk Appt!

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  • texasgirlsmommy texasgirlsmommy's Avatar 06-30-08 | 12:11 AM
  • Well I am back! First off I want to say that I love this new dr that I saw today! He made me feel so comfortable! BP was 130/66...weight ugh don't get me started! I have gained 8lbs in 5 1/2 wks! But the dr didn't say anything so that made me feel okay...BUT STILL!!! Baby's HR was in the 150's...The dr said the u/s looks looks great and is growing right on tummy measured perfect too! He didn't say anything about the quad screen so I am sure that is fine too! He also made sure he put on there in BOLD letters and highlighted that I don't want to know the now the drs office won't screw up!

    I did tell him about me being so anxious about this c-section and he reassured me that all will be okay! He did go over the risks...but also looked back through my history and said that he is sure that all will go fine...the biggest risk would be that the placenta could grow into my uterus...but in that case the worst would be removing the uterus but thats last resort...he said there is a medicine that can make what won't come out come out...He also said he has done lots of 4 peats and 5 peats and he is very comfortable with them! Which that alone made me feel better!!! He also said that he wants to do my section under a more controlled environment so he wouldn't have a problem doing it at 37 or 38 wks...but we will have to do an amnio at 36 wks....which I am okay with if he thinks its nick is suppose to be leaving for 3wks around when I am due so this would make it easier for him to be home!

    I go back on the 22nd of July....and I gotta do my glucose test between now and then....FUN! LOL thats about it!
  • ~J&Ty~ ~J&Ty~'s Avatar 06-30-08 | 09:17 AM
  • Sounds like a great appt.!!!!!!Glad to hear everything is going so well.
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 06-30-08 | 09:42 AM
  • Great appt! I am glad he could put you more at ease about your delivery.
  • Sharil Sharil's Avatar 06-30-08 | 09:50 AM
  • Sounds like a great appt it is so important to have a doc you feel comfortable with. I am so glad he eased your mind about the delivery.

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