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Almost there ladies...

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  • pregnants pregnants's Avatar 12-10-08 | 04:14 PM
  • Week 38 here, baby Jack is around 8 pounds, so it looks like we might have a 9-10 pound baby since I will probably go full term. No induction, no pitocin, no drugs... hell, I'm not even going to be checked to see if I'm dilated. My midwifes are making home visits once a week. We have the birthing area all prepped- the tub is in place and just needs to be assembled. I'm taking the 5W and walking often to get things moving. I have great pressure on my pelvic bone, but no contractions as of yet. Jack is still most of the day, then during a 2-3 hour window (sometimes in the middle of the night) he just boogies... kicks and wiggles and pushes against my battered right rib. I'm nervous! Even though this homebirth is what DH and I really want, I cant help being scared. Without the comfort of constant monitoring, I get paranoid. I am taking plenty of naps and trying to stay relaxed. I am going to videotape the birth and of course there will lots of pictures... don't know if I will go as far as to post them on youtube, but I will post them here. Take care, all!

    Interesting fact....
    Tuesday is the most popular day for babies in the U.S. to be born, with 13,000 births on average in 2003. There are about 16 percent more babies born on Tuesday than on any other day of the week. Saturday is the slowest day with an average of about 7,500 births (this is partially due to the fact that doctors don't schedule c-sections and inductions on weekends).
  • MaybeBaby4 MaybeBaby4's Avatar 12-10-08 | 11:17 PM
  • Good luck getting things going i have had horrible pressure the last three days however this afternoon it got a bit better and i can almost sit up right without extreme pain. I havn't had pressure like this before and i must say i hate it. No contractions either. Though i did find it necessary yesterday to re- pack bags for everyone in the house as well as strap the base for the car-seat into the car. I have been going crazy trying to make sure the house stays perfectly clean and organized so that when it's time to go i have nothing to worry about. However i did all that with dd and didn't have her for well over a week. We will be induced a week from Monday if she doesn't come on her own. They will be checking for dilation this Monday and it will be my last appointment. 12 more days till D day!!!!!!!
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 12-10-08 | 11:35 PM
  • It is getting so close for you ladies! You are such a brave woman, I always thought a home birth would be great, Dh was totally against it, he is way to paranoid over stuff like that. Sounds like Jack is going to be big

    That is funny what you said about Tuesdays because I was having my NST and Amnio level done yesterday and I had to wait in the hall for over 30 minutes because there was no bed for me to get my NST and while I was at the hospital, maybe 2 hours, there were 5 babies born. The hosptial I go to plays a lullaby over the PA every time a baby is born.
  • Eskie Eskie's Avatar 12-11-08 | 01:55 AM
  • Good Luck
  • pregnants pregnants's Avatar 12-20-08 | 09:25 PM
  • Thanks all... I'm officially due now and even thought I have walked all over creation, I still have had no contractions. My mom is on her way from Texas, and I have no idea how that will effect things, but hopefully I'll start any minute now. DH has to work two 16 hour shift in a row, unless of course I go and get to bring him home. I also have other family in from out of state all leaving in a few days... let's go baby!! Yeah, I know he will come when he is ready...but it would be so convenient if he came tonight or tomorrow. Ugg... send ju-ju ladies!

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