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Anything new?

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  • Susan Susan's Avatar 06-08-07 | 04:43 PM
  • anything new ladies? any dr appt updates? how is everyone?
  • TamRowland TamRowland's Avatar 06-11-07 | 12:03 PM
  • I had my first ob check and sonogram last week.

    The sonogram showed a baby waving
    his/her arms and kicking his/her legs, oh and
    also doing somersaults. It looks like this baby
    has a nice big world to play in right now.

    Everything looks good so I'm very happy!

    How is everyone else doing??? It's so quite
    here?? where are you all??? Busy summer??

  • Susan Susan's Avatar 06-11-07 | 01:56 PM
  • seems very quiet in here ..we would love to hear some updates..
    what is everyone doing for the summer?