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Appt update and Glucose test

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  • DeeElizabeth DeeElizabeth's Avatar 09-10-08 | 03:22 PM
  • Hi ladies, I had my regular appt last week. I gained 5lbs so my Dr was happy. Everything looked good. I also went in for my Rhogam and my Glucose test yesterday. It went well as far as I know. I won't know the results of the test for a week or so unless the Dr. calls for some reason. I have a feeling they will call before long about my iron being low so, I will ask about it then.

    I am feeling a little tired of being PG already. This baby really likes to hang out as low as possible in my pelvis, and it's really putting pressure on my Sciatic nerve as well as my pubic bone. I've never had so much pressure "down there" so early on with either of my other pregnancies. It's really uncomfy!
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 09-10-08 | 08:43 PM
  • Sorry you are feeling not so great.
    I hope the tests come back A-OK.
  • ~J&Ty~ ~J&Ty~'s Avatar 09-11-08 | 08:22 AM
  • Hope the test come back ok. My baby is laying low too, very uncomfortable.