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Appt yesterday...and a couple questions

Appt yesterday...and a couple questions

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  • MommyBrown MommyBrown's Avatar 09-23-08 | 10:29 AM
  • Had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I had to have the Group B Strep test done, how long does it usually take to get the results back from that??

    Anyway, the doc said that I am at about 2cm already and 50%. I was not expecting that, lol. I've been having Braxton Hicks off and on for the last couple weeks, but no real contractions, so that's good. I am also now into seeing the doc every week instead of every two. That definitely made me realize how close I actually am. Even though my appts. are still a week apart, it's different to think in terms of 'I have 3 or 4 appts left' instead of '3 or 4 weeks.'

    As far as news about getting the c-section approved, we still don't know anything. DH and I went to medical records and requested our records (Vincent's and mine) be sent down here over two weeks ago. We also asked that they have the delivery record from Vincent faxed over to my OB-GYN. Well, the clinic here still doesn't have my records, and the hospital in WA faxed the wrong record (they resent my prenatal record for this pregnancy instead of the delivery record.) I went through all of the papers I received when they had me in the hospital before and found my discharge papers. I don't think it's the record the doc is wanting, but it's all I have (I forgot I even had it.) I think it at least has the info the doc is wanting; it says that forceps were used because of the baby's heart rate going so low and it describes my tears (lacerations, not crying, lol). I'll find out at my appt next week if he can use it.

    Another question, I know it's different for every woman, but how many of you have started leaking colostrum? Not trying to get too personal, but, like I said, I have 4 weeks left and I have not started leaking. Should I talk to someone about that? After the problems I had bf-ing Vincent, I'm worried that I won't be able to do it again. With Vincent, it took me two days before I was able to get the littlest bit for him by pumping and I was only able to bf him for not even two months. He always acted like he wasn't getting enough...even after nursing him for an hour or more I would have to give him a bottle. At about the two month mark, I got sick (nothing serious, just a cold) and my body stopped producing completely. I would like to be able to bf, but I'm concerned that my body won't agree.
  • jaedrae jaedrae's Avatar 09-23-08 | 10:41 AM
  • I am starting to leak, but not a lot. I don't know if that is an indication as to your milk supply after the baby though. One thing I know about breast feeding is that the more I worried about it the harder it was!
    I hope you can get a c-section approved. My Mom had to have forceps with me and had completely uncomplicated labors with my younger siblings. Let us know when how it goes!
  • ~J&Ty~ ~J&Ty~'s Avatar 09-23-08 | 11:13 AM
  • My colostrum is out of control!!!! I don't know what's up? I'm shooting out like a firehose from one and the other is just a slow leak! LOL

    Not sure about the Group B, probably fairly quickly.

    I hope you get what you want with the c section. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going!
  • DeeElizabeth DeeElizabeth's Avatar 09-23-08 | 11:29 AM
  • I have never leaked colostrum before either of my previous deliveries, and I have always had a good milk supply after baby arrives. I don't think leaking before birth is any indication of what your milk supply will be like after birth
    I think the Group B usually takes about a week to get back...
  • Sharil Sharil's Avatar 09-24-08 | 12:56 AM
  • The only time i leak colostrum is when I am checking my breast for clogged pores i have to check them to make sure i dont get a boil on the underside of my breasts or a yeast infection under them. So its only when i kinda put pressure on them do they leak. i do know a lot of women dont really start leaking till the day or day after the baby is born. Dont stress out too much hun or it will make it more difficult for ya. i am not sure on the tests.

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