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CVS testing?

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  • lbentow 05-07-09 | 05:41 PM
  • Hi everyone,

    Did you ladies decide to take this test, i think it's chorionic villi sampling? My appointment is on tuesday, that's when i'll hear the heartbeat for the first time (i'll be 11 wks) and if all goes well, i can start telling everyone! My doctor said at the last appointment, if i wanted to, he could do the CVS testing, i guess it tests for down syndrome and maybe other genetic disorders. i'm kinda leaning towards not doing it b/c we are not aware of any family history for it and i don't want to risk having a miscarriage if the test goes wrong. Any thoughts/suggestions?

  • Hannah611 05-07-09 | 06:20 PM
  • I think checking nuchal transluciency is fairly benign. They measure the skin on the neck of the fetus from an ultrasound and that determines potential downs syndrome. I am not sure what is more accurate cvs or nuchal transluciency. My midwives said an 18 to 20 week us is super accurate(whatever percentage that means) in determiniing all sorts of potential anomalies. Good luck.
  • lbentow 05-07-09 | 08:50 PM
  • what testing has your doctor recommended and what are you going to be doing?
  • Hannah611 05-07-09 | 11:42 PM
  • I am doing an US at 11wks to check the heart and they can check crown to rump of the baby to determine the potential for downs. The nuchal transluciency is better at 14wks though but still not as accurate as the 18 to 20 week.So I was going to do the 18 to 20 week us to prepare me for whatever they see. I had an amniocentesis with my first(I am 39 yrs old) and I was freaked out until the results so my pregnancy was stressful til that was done. So I thought this time not to stress out about it and forget the invasive stuff! My first baby is totally healthy even though I am "older"
    I also thought maybe I would do an us at the end to make sure the baby position was right for a home birth.
  • lbentow 05-08-09 | 07:07 PM
  • a home birth? does it mean you'll just have a doula or midwife with you? i've been watching discovery health alot and i've seen natural births, and i'm too much of a wuss to do it. I think I want an epidural as soon as possible. however, i know things change when the time comes, so who knows.

    i guess i don't want to do the testing because i'd rather not know. i like being in denial. also, if the baby did have downs or something, i wouldn't want to have an abortion. however, my dh is different, he believes in doing all the testing available just so we know.

    thanks so much for all the info and help you've provided.


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