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dd dec

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  • flyleaf2 04-05-09 | 05:59 PM
  • Hello all. Do u mind if i join u all? I just tested + this morning. My actual af isnt due till ap9 but i was feeling a bit ill so i tested this morning and got a very dark pink posotive!!
    I think it puts me in dec?? my last af was march 12. Good luck
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 04-05-09 | 07:52 PM
  • Congratulations! So happy for you! Welcome to the DD boards! Make sure you come and join us on the other DD boards as well!
Thank you Mark'sbabygirl!
flyleaf2 (04-06-09)
  • hopeful7 hopeful7's Avatar 04-05-09 | 08:07 PM
  • Congrats, very exciting!
Thank you hopeful7!
flyleaf2 (04-06-09)
  • flyleaf2 04-06-09 | 09:56 AM
  • Thanku wich dd board i tried to find it but couldnt figure out where it was.. LOL
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 04-06-09 | 11:30 AM
  • Welcome to the DD boards! I am in the July-Sept DD boards. Feel free to jump into the other boards as well.