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  • Kelly37 Kelly37's Avatar 06-12-07 | 10:54 AM
    [SIZE=3] Dust devils.. unless your from the southwest im not sure you are all familiar with them. Thier small twisting air masses that pick up dirt and debris and pop up at random and are harmless....usually.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] Well Friday, I was on the phone when I heard and felt something slam into the house. Suddenly, it got very dark and I ran to the window. I can't see much but a spinning vortex of dirt and knew I was in the middle of a giant dust devil. I didn't worry except when it cleared a bit I noticed my son's giant inflatable pool (which had water in it) had been picked up and was now spinning at least thiry feet in the air and was heading far far away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] it was amazing to see as the pool was heavy and large....needless to say, Colby, who's five, cried his heart out. okay....Saturday...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] Hubby and I went crazy with his paycheck and he splurged on a beautiful cherrywood crib for Dakota. We put it in the back of the truck and wedged it between stacks of hay. You couldn't move this thing if you tried. Well......yep, you guessed it.... were on the frontage road and WHAM! Another giant dust devil rips over the truck, we hear something in the back hit the cab and suddenly our cherrywood crib is flying over us and hits square in the center of the freeway!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SCHIT?!?!?!?!!?!? Now hubby is playing frogger trying to get the pieces out of the middle of I-10, my son, who just witnessed a horrible pool accident is bawling again freaking out if he ever sees another dust devil, and Im in shock.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] It's not over. We go to Wally world and replace the pool and I convince Colby that Dakota will get an even better bed soon.....we go ahead and buy him this girraffe pool where the giraffe head is inflated large and spits out water....he's happy again and we get it home inflate it, he plays...he comes into the house for a popscicle and while we are in the house my minature goat decides the giraffe looks pretty sexy and begins to mate with it and pops it!!!!! well that was that. Im done.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] My weekend cost me 40$ for the first pool, 75$ for the crib (used) and an additional 35$ for the second pool.
  • JudyG JudyG's Avatar 06-12-07 | 11:18 AM
  • That is an eventfull weekend!!! Do you usually get that many dust devils all in one weekend?? It must have been a little funny to see the goat mate with the giraffe?. I think I might of laghed at that. I hope you find an even nicer crib for Dakota. Good Luck.
  • TTUAlison TTUAlison's Avatar 06-12-07 | 11:20 AM

    I haven't seen a dust devil since we moved. And I've never seen one pick up a swimming pool (although I've seen them big enough that they could). Sorry that they made for such a stressful weekend for you.
  • gicsc 06-13-07 | 07:54 AM
  • I couldn't help it; you're story about the goat and the giraffe made me laugh out loud. I can't even believe the crazy weekend you had. You must have ben exhausted after all that.
  • Kekepania Kekepania's Avatar 06-13-07 | 07:57 AM

    I'm sorry I had to laugh at the giraffe too. So sorry you were out so much money over it all though