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Default Gus is HOME!!!!!!!

Well gals! I finally had Gus! He was born Friday, the 15th, at 6:37pm IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM!!! We didn't make it up to L&D. I had been shopping all day and having contractions off and on, but I thought since I had been having them for so long now that it was nothing. That morning I had had a tiny amount of bleeding but still thought nothing of it. I shopped all day and then got Corbin from school and ran in the dollar store for a few things. Well the pains started coming more often at that point, but I still passed it off. Finally at 4:50 I called the dr and they were still there. They told me to watch them and if it got more regular to come in. They got SO bad in the next 20 minutes that I called the answering svc and told them I was coming in to be checked. The on-call dr called me back at 5:35 and while on the phone with him my water broke. Shawn got here at about 10 till 6 and off we went. They contractions were coming every 2 minutes and they were excruciating! The traffic was awful too! When we turned on the road that the hospital is on they started coming every minute and lasting almost that long. Almost to the hospital I could literally feel his head in what seemed to be my vagina. We pulled up to the ER entrance and my cell rang and Shawn just turned it off. They ran out and got me on a gurney and kicked a patient out of one of the cutained rooms and parked me there and an ER DR delivered Gus at 6:37pm! When I opened my eyes and looked up there were about 15-20 people standing around us gawking!!! (later I checked my phone and it was my cousin that called, she called at 6:34, he was born 3 minutes later!!!!!!!). I tore a little bit on the inside and a tiny tear going up but the upwards one didn't require any sutures. I never got any drugs, I got a dose of Nubain after all was over, ha. He weighed 6lbs 13oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. He is gorgeous! He looks so much like Dewey, only Deweys hair was redder and Gus's is blonde. I was the talk of the hospital though, I literally had nurses coming to check on me, and thanking me that they got to see a birth happen! It was so bizarre. I'm glad now not to have had to had the epidural, but at the time I was begging for something!
We're both doing fine today. His sugar was a little low but it's normal now. I'm sore, but that's to be expected. He's nursing like a champ! Much better than Dewey did. He took right to it that very night he was born!! And did I mention how cute he is? LOL!!
I'll post pics probably tomorrow.
We're going to have a nap now.
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CONGRATULATIONS!! That is an AMAZING birth story!! I'm so glad you made it to the hospital. Can't wait to see pics of baby Gus!
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Congrats! Can't wait to see pictures!!!

Looks like the little guy was taking his time and then wanted immediate service. You'll have to watch out for that!
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Congratulations Ami..can't wait to see pictures!!!
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Wow Ami, what a great birth story!! That's just crazy, you just barely made it. I bet Shawn was white as a sheet!
I can't believe you're home so soon... Thanks for getting on so quick so I could hear everything before I leave!!
Congrats again, I'm so thrilled for you!!
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