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hi everyone! I'm 8 wks pregnant tomorrow!

hi everyone! I'm 8 wks pregnant tomorrow!

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  • lbentow 04-19-09 | 09:57 PM
  • Hi,

    I was on the fertility board, ivf. my dh and i did 2 iui's (one in oct, the other in dec) and we did an ivf in feb. the ivf didn't work and we decided to stop trying. my period came, after the failed ivf, on feb. 23rd and that was the last time i had my period! when it was late, i did 4 pregnancy home tests and all came out positive!

    i had my first obgyn appt last week (at 7wks) and the dr said 'congrats' but he also said i needed to be cautious because women have miscarriages between now and 12 wks and that i shouldn't tell anyone yet. he made it sound like i shouldn't be overly excited. i didn't have a great feeling after the appt and my next appt is scheduled in a few weeks when i'm about 12 wks to do the first ultrasound. he said once he hears a heartbeat, then i can start telling friends and family. were your obgyns the same, with regards to miscarriages?

    ever since i saw him, i've been afraid i was going to have a miscarriage. before seeing him, that really didn't even cross our minds. now, everytime i go to the bathroom, my dh worries i got my period or if i have a cramp, i think it's going to happen soon. i feel like i can't enjoy the pregnancy until i'm at 12 wks.

    have all of you told your friends, family, and coworkers? only dh and i know, nobody else, and it's killing me! i feel like i want to share the news.

    thanks for listening, everyone!

  • amitrat amitrat's Avatar 04-20-09 | 01:06 AM
  • I remember you from before - how awesome that you got pregnant on your own after all that! My OBGYN was not like that - while the likelyhood is higher before 12 weeks, he shouldn't have you freaked out. I am also surprised he didn't look for the HB - most around here do that at 7-8 weeks. I would wait until week 12 to tell friends, but I certainly told close family - mom dad sis etc., before that. It is a matter of preference.

    Enjoy talking to us and we will keep our fingers crossed!
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 04-20-09 | 08:17 AM
  • Wow that is awesome that youare here!! There is a greater chance of miscarriage before 12 weeks but I think your doc is just overly cautious. With this pregnancy(Im 19weeks) we waited until we saw the HB but that was at 7 weeks to tell anyone. But I am not sure I could wait until 12 weeks. Best of luck to you. Maybe you could tell one person and feel better
  • flyleaf2 04-20-09 | 02:36 PM
  • Congratulations
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 04-20-09 | 02:52 PM
  • Congrats Lucy! I am SO excited for you! I remember you from the IVF boards as well and wondered what had happend since we last heard from you. That is SO awesome and exciting! I am with the others, yes there is a risk of miscarriage, but he shouldn't have freaked you out. We had our first u/s at 7 wks and they saw the heartbeat- we then told just our parents and DH's sister at 8 weeks because it was Christmas and we couldn't resist. Everyone else we told around 10 wks because I was already getting a little pot belly. It really is a personal decision. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Congrats!!!!!

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