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Holiday Shopping

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  • jaedrae jaedrae's Avatar 09-19-08 | 11:17 PM
  • So for those of you who are expecting close to the holidays have you already started shopping? Are you buying for the baby this year or do you think that is silly?
  • jaedrae jaedrae's Avatar 09-19-08 | 11:20 PM
  • We have done about 3/4 of our shopping. I actually did a bunch of shopping last year at the end of the season. I have already had a December baby and found it so scary to bring her out during flu season to the shop.

    We have bought the baby two little things- a set of rubber cars and little Baby Einstein IPOD type thing. I want to have a couple things under the tree for him!
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 09-19-08 | 11:40 PM
  • So far we have only gotten the kids their big Santa gift. A Wii. I am hoping it will help keep them occupied while I deal with bfing a newborn and we are indoors because of the cold and because of flu season. I do plan on getting the bulk of our shopping done hopefully before November.
  • jillrn jillrn's Avatar 09-20-08 | 09:40 AM
  • I have somewhat started even though we will have Oct baby. Mostly b/c my maternity pay sucks so bad! I dont know how we are gonna afford to live let along Christmas. So I have got a few things and I look freq for clearance stuff.
  • ~J&Ty~ ~J&Ty~'s Avatar 09-20-08 | 11:18 AM
  • I haven't even thought about it! LOL. I'll probably wait until the last minute like I always do and then end up shopping online.

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