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  • rosalind9298 rosalind9298's Avatar 08-28-07 | 11:16 AM
  • so, have you packed yet? i guess i have been thinking about this because I'm less than 2 weeks away from when i delivered Zachary for his pregnancy. I went to the hospital not thinking i was having a baby that night and ended up there for 5 nights with no bag! LOL
    it wasn't packed yet, i had no intentions of packing for another couple of weeks at that point!
    sooo....what do you plan to put in it? i started last night...just putting some shirts that i don't wear anymore (since you will still feel about 6 months pregnant after birth) and a few pair of shorts that i would only wear to walk around the house in now (my belly makes them slip off now).
    i also put nursing pads and pads in it. I'm going to get some travel sized stuff to put in as for tootbrushes and such so if they are left there, we still have our stuff at home.
    i haven't decided what the baby will wear home, or if i'm going to go look for something new....

    what's in YOUR bag (or plans of being in it)?
  • myrakae myrakae's Avatar 08-28-07 | 01:40 PM
  • I haven't packed yet-I'm such a slacker. I only have 5-1/2 weeks left, so I guess I had better start putting a little more thought in too it soon!
  • illaheebaby 08-28-07 | 05:13 PM
  • this morning i had the thought that this baby is coming at the end of september, so i better get a move on!!

    a regular stay at the hospital after giving birth is five days so i have a few things to pack! part of my 'reservation' includes things like huge pads, gauze for washing baby, wet tissues for cleaning, etc. and my clinic provides towels for showering and clothes and blankets for baby so i really only need to bring a few things.

    in my hospital bag: at least five pairs of underwear, two pairs of pajamas, snacks (granola bars), a book or magazine (though usually not touched, it's better safe than sorry!), regular clothes to wear (maternity jeans, nursing shirts and t-shirts--i hate hanging around in my pajamas), night time maxi-pads (i change pads often and the ones provided by my clinic are rather cheap-o. after i use the really huge sizes, the night time super maxi pads are much better to use--they fit my underwear better and i have less leakage. i also use them for nearly a month after i get home.) and maybe a few odds and ends like a toothbrush, my brush and contact lens solution/glasses.

    i think that since my daughter was two weeks early, and after the disaster of having my MIL take care of my son while i was in the clinic with her, my kids will stay with me if this baby is early, too. my mom and sister are coming about a week before the baby is due, and i hope i make it that long but if not, i'm taking a second bag for them. basically some clothes and packet food (my husband usually visits every evening even if he works so he could always bring them something or take them out for dinner), plus toys and DVDs to keep them occupied during the day. but oh, i really hope this baby decides not to come too early!!
  • Kelly37 Kelly37's Avatar 08-29-07 | 01:17 AM
  • wow..five days? I've always been released within 24 hours. I'll prolly start my bag in a couple weeks. (yikes, can't believe were even talking about this)
  • gicsc 08-29-07 | 08:34 AM
  • I actually packed a diaper bag tonight with diapers, burp cloths, onesies, hats, socks and little outfits. I really am clueless about what to pack for the baby. I haven't packed for myself yet. I'm even more clueless about all that. I'll figure all this stuff out eventually.