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Ivy Justine is here!

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  • DeeElizabeth DeeElizabeth's Avatar 12-06-08 | 11:33 PM
  • I went in to be induced at 6am on December 2nd. I was having some very mild contractions already but they weren't regular. Baby's heartrate wasn't reactive enough, so they gave me extra fluids and waiting until 7:30 to start the Pitocin and break my water. I was 2cm when they started everything. I immediately started having contractions back to back and asked for some Nubain around 9am. I was able to relax for a while then, but as soon as the nurse upped the Pitocin again I was in serious pain. Around 11am I was feeling the need to push, but was only dilated to 8cm so they said no. I struggled to breathe through but couldn't handle it without pushing, so I asked for some relief then. My Dr. checked me again and said that my cervix was stretchy and she could stretch me to 10cm, so we tried some practice pushes. Baby didn't like me pushing at all, her heartrate would drop into the 60s, so they had me stop and okayed me to get an interthecal, which I guess is like a spinal. I had one with my last baby as well, but it didn't work. This anesthesiologist this time was really good though and after a few tries he got it where it needed to be and I felt immediate relief. Unfortunately, it made my blood pressure drop and put Baby into distress though. The nurse rushed my Dr. into the room and they broke the bed down right away to have me push. I only had to push maybe 3 times and she was born! The Dr. was a little rough pulling her out because they wanted to make sure she was ok, but I didn't have any tears or scratches
    Baby was fine as well. Her heartrate returned to normal as soon as she wasn't being squeezed lol. She wasn't nearly as small as they were worried about either. She weighed 6lbs 3oz and was19inches long. She is crying to be fed now so I gotta go!
  • MaybeBaby4 MaybeBaby4's Avatar 12-07-08 | 01:33 PM
  • Congratulations!! I guess i'm next
  • jaedrae jaedrae's Avatar 12-07-08 | 06:37 PM
  • Congrats... it sounds like we had similar births! Glad everyone is happy and healthy!
  • ~J&Ty~ ~J&Ty~'s Avatar 12-08-08 | 10:46 AM
  • Congrats!!!!! Can't wait to see pics.
  • Sharil Sharil's Avatar 12-09-08 | 02:43 PM
  • Congratulations hun!!!! I cant wait to see the pics.

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