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low progesterone and miscarriage?

low progesterone and miscarriage?

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  • lbentow 04-21-09 | 06:34 PM
  • Ok, remember how I said I got pregnant right after a failed IVF cycle? Well, I saw my ob-gyn last week, and i told them i was concerned maybe my progesterone level might be low since it was right after a failed ivf. the doctor said i shouldn't be concerned since i got pregnant on my own, but to make me feel better, he'll take bloodwork to test my progesterone levels. that was on tuesday. so, i was 7 wks 1 day last week. the results were available by fri. i called and the nurse said my levels were 15 and it was fine. so, i was relieved.

    well, i get a call from the nurse just now saying that she apologizes because she was looking at the progesterone level of a nonpregnant woman. the doctor wants my level to be above a 20, and i'm at 15. so, they want me on progesterone suppositories. i asked her if this means i'm going to miscarry, and she said 'i don't know.'

    what were some of your progesterone levels and should i be concerned? i'm really upset at my obgyn's office b/c the progesterone level was a concern of mine from the beginning, and how could they have made a mistake last week telling me it was all ok??

    dh and i are freaking out!

  • hopeful7 hopeful7's Avatar 04-22-09 | 09:39 AM
  • I'm not sure what my progesterone level was in the beginning however I did take progesterone suppositories for the first 12 wks. Low progesterone can be treated as they are doing with you and it does not mean you will miscarriage. However if left untreated your chances of miscarriage would be higher.
  • lbentow 04-22-09 | 08:27 PM
  • thanks, hopeful7. i'm just wondering why my progesterone is low and if i should prepare or a miscarriage, etc. i'm keeping my fingers crossed and knowing your's is progressing to a normal pregnancy makes me feel better.

  • hopeful7 hopeful7's Avatar 04-22-09 | 09:05 PM
  • Good luck Lucy! I'm sure with the aid of the supplements you'll be just fine. I'm thinking about you and wishing you a happy & healthy 9 months.
  • Mishas Mishas's Avatar 04-23-09 | 12:57 AM
  • Will they be monitoring your progesterone levels while you're on the supplements? I'm sure you'll be okay, and as hopeful said you're being treated.

    My level was 97, and a friend's level was 54, so they vary considerably.

    Keep us updated!

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