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my first u/s

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  • lbentow 05-19-09 | 04:41 PM
  • Hi everyone!

    My LMP was 2/23/09, so according to the internet calculations, I should be about 12 weeks. However, I went in last week to get my first u/s and i was 9 wks 6 days. Since i got pregnant right after a failed IVF, the doc said my ovulation came late due to the meds. So, i have to go back next week for another u/s and to do the first trimester screening. My dh wanted to come last week for the u/s, but i told him not to because i was so nervous. If i didn't see a heartbeat, I didn't want him to be there to see it. Weird, I know. Anyways, he's coming with me next week to see the baby. It was so funny/amazing to see it! It was twitching like it had the hiccups. I saw the heartbeating. So is it true that once you see the heartbeat, then the chances of a miscarriage are less than 1%?

    I still haven't told anyone yet since I am only 11 weeks (tomorrow). I don't know when to tell my bosses. Now, my due date is 12/6! When did you all tell your employers?

    Are you ladies showing yet? My stomach is getting big and i am just trying to wear loose fitting dresses and skirts that I already have. I want to make sure I won't have a miscarriage before I start buying any maternity clothes.

  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 05-19-09 | 04:44 PM
  • Glad you had a great us. I started showing around 14 weeks or so. I could tell a difference earlier than that but others werent able to tell. Hope that everything goes great on your next us!
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 05-19-09 | 04:46 PM
  • Oh Lucy! That is WONDERFUL! And, yes it is true that once you see the heartbeat the miscarriage rate drops dramatically. We told no one until after our first u/s at 7 weeks, told our parents at 8 weeks and pretty much everyone else at 10 weeks. It really is a personal decision though- it's when you guys are comfortable enough to share your news. DH and I actually really liked having our little secret for awhile- even though at times it was tough to keep! I am so happy for you and glad DH can go with you next week. It is time that you start to be able to relax a little about the pregnancy- the second trimester is just around the corner and before you know it you will be feeling that little one kick you!
  • megr 05-19-09 | 05:16 PM
  • Wonderful news!! Congrats!! Magical sight, isn't it?

    I told my boss right away, b/c I'm a nurse and would no longer take certain patients, so she had to know. I think I would have waited otherwise. Do what you feel is right for you. Do you have any coworkers you could ask who have been thru it?

    I feel like I'm showing..but i still looked pregnant from my 11 mo old, so who knows, but fluffy is how i would describe it.

    I have my 1st apt thursday and can not wait!!! Enjoy your happy news
  • Mishas Mishas's Avatar 05-19-09 | 08:32 PM
  • I'm so glad it went well! How exciting for you!

    I told my manager at 7 weeks because I'm an RN and was struggling being on my feet at work with the shocking morning sickness!

    I'm definately showing, I need to get a belly pic up!

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