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Retroverted uterus

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  • Mrs.Emily Mrs.Emily's Avatar 04-19-10 | 01:42 PM
  • I had my ultrasound and exam last week. Everything is well, but both the ultrasonographer and my midwife commented on how retroverted my uterus was. My midwife said she couldn't even feel the top of my uterus on my pelvic exam. I've been have excruciating back pain since I was 4 weeks along. I didn't have pain like this with DS. My midwife assures me that this pain is normal as my uterus is pressing into my spine...

    I was just wondering if anyone else had this and if it corrected itself at any point and took some pressure off the back. Or if it caused any other problems.
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 04-19-10 | 02:47 PM
  • I have one too! I got an early u/s at 12 weeks because of it. They couldn't find the bh on the Doppler! It will straighten out as you get bigger. The only possible problem that can come from it is am anterior placenta and a higher rate of having a posterior or sunny side up baby. I've had 2 posterior babies! With my third I did a lot of rocking on all fours type exercises to get him into the correct position and he was. Ask them at your 20 week u/s if the placenta is anterior.

    Yes your back will hurt a lot more this time around from carrying your first baby around! My lower back has been hurting a lot lately!

  • Mrs.Emily Mrs.Emily's Avatar 04-19-10 | 06:56 PM
  • I had an anterior placenta with John but my uterus wasn't retroverted with him. The anterior placenta didn't cause any problems. I'm just in pain!!!
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 04-20-10 | 02:12 PM
  • Do you not normally have a retroverted uterus then? Mine is normally like that when I'm not pg. I'm sorry you are hurting so much! Have you tried exercising to see if that will help? I have a ton of lower back/hip problems and walking really helps. Not at first though! I'm walking like I'm 9 months pg hobbling along, but after a 1/4 mile or so I start to feel better and I'm pain free for a day or two.

  • Mrs.Emily Mrs.Emily's Avatar 04-20-10 | 03:12 PM
  • No!! Before and with John I didn't have a retroverted uterus. Isn't that weird?! I'm a freak! HAHA It has only been like this since I gave birth.....I had a LOT of back pain after giving birth that feels just like this so I think it's all somehow related, although I don't know how or why.
    I haven't even THOUGHT about exercise. I know I should, but I'm tired, and nauseated and busy! It actually feels a LOT better when I lay on my side on the couch/floor/bed with a pillow propping me up! And I'm taking tylenol too. That takes some of the edge off. It hurts the worst when I'm at work teaching.....I stand up for 4 hours straight and then sit at my desk and my desk chair SUCKS.

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