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Strike 3...or is this 4? Im starting to lose track

Strike 3...or is this 4? Im starting to lose track

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  • TheWeatherGirl TheWeatherGirl's Avatar 04-26-10 | 10:20 AM
  • Hey ladies...
    So this was actually unexpected this time.

    The family was buggnig me to get a blood test since my OB appt isnt for another 2 weeks, so we were like alright - and went to the 24 hr ER place.

    After 5 hrs, I tested postive for being prego on a pee test - duh- thenmy ultrasound they said it looked like something may have been there and isnt anymore or its too small to see?.....and my hormone levels from the blood test are apparently really low too.

    So final diagnosis for the UMTEENTH TIME......Threatened miscarriage.

    Here's my issue. I knew all the other ones were coming cuz I had signs....this one, I havent cramped ONCE, no spotting or anything...the only weird thing was i was waking up in cold sweats a dripping in sweat and shaking but my body temp was thru the roof.
    But my boobs are a whole cup size larger and still hurt like hell, im always tired ,etc... I dont get it!

    I know its prolly for the best if it didnt work out but still...I was like ready this time much as i thought I could be. And my only disappointment with the situation was that I wasnt married.

    So anyway...I've gotta get 1 more blood test to confirm...I dont know many times does this have to were all right about kasey being reserved because he was scared tho, bc he took it a lot better than i did because he said he had already set himself up to expect it so he wouldnt get hurt by it again. Sigh. I wana go home :-(
  • nisey79 nisey79's Avatar 04-26-10 | 10:45 AM
  • I'm so sorry. This must be rough. * hugs*
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 04-26-10 | 11:59 AM
  • Oh, no, I'm so sorry! I hope there is still a chance though; we need a miracle! Sending prayers and thoughts your way!
  • TheWeatherGirl TheWeatherGirl's Avatar 04-26-10 | 12:11 PM
  • youre right...maybe there is still a chance...should I like buy another preg test maybe and take it in a few days? cuz if my levels are that low they should be nonexistant in a few days...i dont know im confused
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 04-26-10 | 12:18 PM
  • Can you call the doctor you ended up choosing for the OB appt & tell him what happened? Maybe they can get you in ASAP? (people do cancel & there may be a free window)

    I don't know anything about levels or miscarriages, so I don't know what advice to give you. But I would feel better if the OB office gave me their opinion, ya know?