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Strike 3...or is this 4? Im starting to lose track

Strike 3...or is this 4? Im starting to lose track

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  • TheWeatherGirl TheWeatherGirl's Avatar 04-26-10 | 12:23 PM
  • Ya, definitely -- thats a good idea, I'll try to get ahold of them on my lunch break
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 04-26-10 | 01:13 PM


    I all too well know how you feel. I'm sorry your going through this.
    Did the er place give you your numbers on the blood tests? I wonder how they are able to say your numbers are low if there is no idea how far along you are. KWIM?
    I have had bad luck with the er doctors.....especially when I had an ER doctor tell me that he didn't know what a progesterone test was!
    I would deffinetly call the ob office and see what they have to say.
    I sure hope everything works out...
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 04-26-10 | 02:07 PM
  • You won't know for sure what's going on until the second blood test. You could just be earlier then you thought. If you are too early, then the numbers will be low and they won't see anything on the u/s. I wouldn't trust an ER dr. in what they say. I'd totally call your OB and get a real evaluation with what's going on and make sure you get a followup blood test!

    You are still very early along and I hope it works out for the best! With so many losses (if it is a loss), I'd talk with your OB about genetic counseling! 4 losses in a row could be a sign of something amiss. If you do start to miscarry, I'd ask for testing for sure!

    I'd want my progesterone levels checked along with my 48 hr blood test for the numbers to see if they are doubling properly! Progesterone deficiency is soooo common and so easily treated! I've had to be on progesterone supplements for 3 out of 4 pg and for TTC.

  • TheWeatherGirl TheWeatherGirl's Avatar 04-27-10 | 09:20 AM
  • Thanks guys:-) LUckily I have a friend in nursing school whose mom is a nurse and she had me give her consent to get my reports pulled from the ER place -- she said kind of the same thing -- that its very possible I am still preg just very newly preg...but if Im that new then how did a test read positive on the 15th? She said she could see a mass on the u/s too...which makes me kinda angry that the other people said there was just straight up nothign strange....Im keeping a positive outlook and I *think* Im prepared for whatever news I get this friday...we shall see!
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 04-27-10 | 02:19 PM
  • I know this is frustrating, but honestly even U/S isn't an exact science. With my 2nd, 3rd and 4th babies the U/S dated that I wasn't as far along as I thought! Usually by a week. I kept trying to explain that I would have had to get a very strong positive test at like 4-6 dpo. So they've all been born a week "early" with signs of being overdue

    I've never had OB's that change my dates, but my SIL's always keeps moving up her due dates and her "full term" babies (induced) look not quite done yet and are very small! Its not the exact science that the drs say it is! We only saw a yoke sac at 6 weeks with my 2nd and they said I must be 5 weeks along. Nope, I was 6 weeks and you just couldn't see the hb for some reason. She was born overdue at 1 week early


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