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third trimester home stretch

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  • illaheebaby 09-03-07 | 06:07 PM
  • i'm starting to get into the 'i so want this to be over' zone!

    --insomnia. this is getting bad. and i'm so tired! ugh!

    --exhaustion. i need to sleep. i need to rest. i need my husband to quit his whining and help out!

    --constipation/painful BM's. i know i'm ranging into TMI here, but this is getting to me. sometimes it hurts so much. in fact, nearly two weeks ago i went to the clinic because of the pain (and the possibility of pre-term labor) and that's why i'm getting NSTs now...

    --kicking. this part is cool, i don't mind the baby moving so much, at least i'm not getting kicked in the ribs constantly!

    --i'm also getting tired of wearing the same clothes over and over. not that it's much different after the baby arrives (lots of the same shirts for nursing) but....

    and i can't wait to meet this little one! how about the rest of you?
  • teddybear1082 teddybear1082's Avatar 09-03-07 | 08:36 PM
  • I'm lurking from due in november...
    I agree on many of your gripes! I am so exhausted and dh just keeps asking, what's wrong? Why are you in such a bad mood? (I want to scream in his face, but I try to stay calm).
    I have one to add to your list...
    My back kills! (Which is the major cause of my lack of sleep!)

    Good luck, we are in the home stretch!!!
    I can't wait to meet my little one either!!
  • illaheebaby 09-04-07 | 02:20 AM
  • oh yeah, my back and leg were hurting pretty bad last month, but have improved a bit.

    i also forgot dreams. weird weird dreams!!
  • Kekepania Kekepania's Avatar 09-04-07 | 10:08 AM
  • I'll just ditto both of your lists
  • Kelly37 Kelly37's Avatar 09-04-07 | 12:23 PM
  • This is great!!! Im so tired of trying to stay possitive all the d@m time!! lol... (i didnt' want you guys to think i was horrible) Im soooo sick of my clothes!!!! I bought new reboks yesterday and when i saw myself in the mirror I almost fainted!!! I look like a cow! I need a hair cut!!! Walmart is always out of newborn size diapers...WAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! I waddle everywhere I go. I feel like a penguin!!!! Ill think of more, just give me time.. lol

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