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Update!!! been a while

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  • bbjsmama 09-06-07 | 12:17 PM
  • Ok.. so wow.. i havent been on for a while and now i have a ton of catching up to do .. i see the boards merged.. hello to all the new ladies!!! I have had an eventful couple weeks..might be tmi for some!!! i went into the hospital with blood in my pee..some good contractions and well found out that now i have decreased kidney function now too.. so thats great.. i have so many contractions now that i am on terbetuline full time i take it once every six hours to try and hold off contractions.. (doesnt work that well) after the kidney visit i went back in 3 days ago.. i had massive cramping and some really good contractions going they gave me a booster shot of my normal meds and sent me home after checking my cervix.. i am officially dialted to a 1.. when five days prior there was nothing.. today i will get checked again.. yay for me.. oh yea and now i got ANOTHER uti i swear i cant get a break.. my little one is relentless.. trying to make an early arrival.. i dont know exactly what my doctor is going to do today since he leaves tomorrow for a whole week.. i have him really worried!!! ha.. oh yea.. i got my group b strep test done .. all was negative so that is great..
    sorry for the rambling ladies.. i have to get ready for my appt.. thought i would drop a quick note.. hope all is well with everyone..
    5weeks 1 Day left till my due date.. well see how far i make it..
  • myrakae myrakae's Avatar 09-06-07 | 01:20 PM
  • Good luck at your appt today, try to stay relaxed and take it easy (easier said than done I'm sure). Definately don't want that little one coming early if it can be helped! Hopefully you haven't dilated anymore!
  • Susan Susan's Avatar 09-06-07 | 02:00 PM

    wow..that's a lot to deal with!

    good luck at your appointment
  • bbjsmama 09-06-07 | 05:18 PM
  • Ok.. so after my appt.. my medication got upped.. just barely slipped by bed rest.. he said hes been contemplating it for a while.. and in two days my cervix has gone from a one to a two.. baby was great.. hb 150-160s .. rowdy.. blood pressure good.. and well i lost another two pounds.. no idea how.. so officially i am -10 pounds from where i started.. doctor says its fine.. baby is great so its no big deal.. oh yea.. measuring about right on.. a little big.. but not too much.. so if i can hold on for two more weeks and the meds work.. i get to come off of them i will be 37 weeks and then baby can decide what she wants to do.. getting close
  • myrakae myrakae's Avatar 09-07-07 | 01:45 PM
  • I hope the meds keep working for you and you can get through the next 2 weeks--just keep telling that baby to hold on for just a little while longer.

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