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what symptoms

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  • flyleaf2 04-06-09 | 03:10 PM
  • If any are u having? My boobs are really begining to hurt w/ poking pains. Im crampy in my uterus and slight back discomfort. This has been going on for (the cramps) at least 4 days now and i thought it was af cramps at first. Im over whelmed the last 2 ays w/ an unbeleivable hunger that none of my other pg had slight nausua and overwhelmingly tired. Im just wondering if anyone had twins? im really wondering if this ? My last pg was but the twin didnt make my daughter did. So im having wierd feelings on this one. Already this soon my pants are uncomftorable and I need to unbutton and zip them to feel relief. Oh and for the last week I cant sleep thru the night im up the whole half of night. I have an appt. april 20 so i am anxious to know.
  • Coberley399 04-06-09 | 03:59 PM
  • Sounds alot like my symptoms at first. I was a lil crampy for about 2 weeks. I was hungery all the time until the nausau kicked in. Boobs super sore still. Tired all the time. I havent been able to fit my jeans since I was 5 weeks, I think its just bloat with me. Im not having twins though. So far I only seen one. Well hope that helps.
Thank you Coberley399!
flyleaf2 (04-08-09)
  • flyleaf2 04-06-09 | 06:03 PM
  • ya.. i guess its diffrent w/ every
  • Mishas Mishas's Avatar 04-07-09 | 10:17 PM
  • sounds like mine too, my lower back pain was horrendous. I was convinced AF was going to arrive at any time. I'm almost at the end of the 1st trimester now, so my symptoms are a lot different now.
Thank you Mishas!
flyleaf2 (04-08-09)
  • hopeful7 hopeful7's Avatar 04-14-09 | 05:26 PM
  • I just bet you're having twins! How exciting.

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