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Xavier is here!!

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  • lynn012 lynn012's Avatar 11-22-09 | 01:57 AM
  • Hi Everyone!

    I just thought I would post and let you gals know that Xavier James has made his arrival! He was born on Thursday Nov 19th at 1156 am weighing in at 7 pounds even and 18 and a half inches long!

    Here's his birth story...

    Contrax started at 910 pm on Wednesday the 18th.. My friend/coach came up and picked me up and off to the hospital we went. My contrax at that point were 10 min apart, and I felt it was time to go, because I live 45 min from the hospital.

    Got to the hospital at 11ish and my contrax at that point were 5 to 7 min apart and lasting 60 seconds. Got into triage, and got checked, was at 4 cm, and 60% effaced and -2 station. Student Doc was going to send me home, and I said that I wasnt going home without a baby because I was scheduled for induction on the 21st (today), and that it wouldnt make sense to go home just to come back in 2 days. He left and went and got the Doc on call, and I explained to the doctor what was going on, and the doctor stated to me that I wasnt going to change in 2 days, so we were gonna have a baby that night.

    Well, I got checked into my room, and the pitocin was started at 315 am, and the contractions were getting stronger, but I was still able to talk to my coach and friend who was in the room with me. Contractions at that point were 3 to 4 min apart, but not regular enough to make changes to my cervix.

    I was checked at 6 am, and I was at 4 and a half, and the student doc tried breaking my water, but he was unable to as my cervix was posterior, so the pitocin was raised higher. Contractions were still bearable at this point.

    Shift change was at 730, and the new doctor came in and checked up on me, and I explained what was going on, and she left the room and came back at 830 and checked me, and stated that I was at 5, and she at that point broke my water. I was able to get my epidural at 930, and it hurt like hell. However, my epidural did not take, so when it came to the delivery, I felt everything. I was checked again at 1030, I was at 8. 40 minutes later, I was feeling pain and pressure in my rectum area, and I was checked, and I went from 8 to 10, and it was time to push!

    I pushed for a total of 41 minutes and Xavier James was born at 1156 am!

    I tore and have 3 stitches and I feel great! He's nursing like a champ.. He took to the breast 10 minutes after he was placed on my chest..

    So there ya have it ladies!

    I am on Facebook.. If you want to see pictures of Xavier, you can go on there. my email addy is
    .. You may have to add me as a friend before you can see pictures though. If you add me, just put in the friend request that you're from TBC, and I will be sure and add you!
  • amitrat amitrat's Avatar 11-22-09 | 09:21 AM
  • Congrats! Can believe they were thinking of sending you home - that's crazy!
  • megr 11-22-09 | 03:34 PM
  • Welcome Xavier James!!! Congratulations to you!!!

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