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Confusion + Ultrasound Q Print Version

TheWeatherGirl 04-22-10 08:35 AM

Confusion + Ultrasound Q
Hey All....i feel like poo today. Its weird cuz K doesn't seem like nearly as into it , or excited as he did the last 2 was more of a like 'eh whatever' type reaction (along with he claimed he 'totally knew'). It makes me sad inside kind of...i dont really feeling down and out about it. Aside from the fact we arent married..which isnt a huge deal...but im afraid of what if he never does either. ugh. i dont know.

As for the ultrasound -- i need to go get one asap now just because I have NO clue how far along I could be 4 wks or it could be 8...since my period last month was pretty sketchy, i have no clue. And also since Im high risk, i want to know if there is reason to prepare myself for the possibility of something bad again. Where can i go to just get an ultrasound and have them tell me last minute? or is that even possible?

MrsS1stbaby 04-22-10 10:05 AM

The only places around here that do ultrasounds outside of a doctor's office are the places that people go pay for the 3D & 4D ultrasounds, but I'm not even 100% sure about that. And I think those you can only do when you are pretty far along.

If I were you I wouldn't trust anyone else to give me an ultrasound besides an OBGYN office. My next appointment (the exam appt) is next week and I will only be about 8.5 weeks. The nurse at the consultation said it would be too early to hear the heartbeat on the doppler, but if the doctor decides it is necessary, she can do an scopic-ultrasound where they stick a small camera up your whoo-ha to check out the uterus to make sure everything is progressing as it should. I have no history of pregnancy issues or miscarriages, so I doubt the doctor will opt to do this, but in your case I would think it would be a given. Have you contacted your doctor yet? Ask the nurse who takes your appt if this is an option given your history.

I'm sorry Kasey is not sharing your enthusiam at this point. Men handle miscarriages and then new pregnancies differently. Just make sure you tell him that you are being positive and he doesn't need to be a Debbie Downer. I'm sure after more time has passed, he will change his tune.

LAB 04-22-10 12:46 PM

Call your OB ASAP and get an appt! They'll probably get you in quite quick as the earlier they do an u/s the more accurate in dating it will be. Now they may want to wait a week or two because if you are only 4 weeks, they like you to be 6 so they can see the heart beating!

I'm sure Kasey isn't wanting to get his hopes up too much and is protecting his heart. My DH never gets too excited until after I'm out of my first trimester and I've never had a loss. Its just not as real to him and until he starts to feel the baby bumping on his hand it is just an imagined baby. I guess some men don't have that instant protective mommy instinct we get the moment that test is positive!

With my first my DH didn't believe the tests as the line wasn't as dark as the control. He couldn't feel the changes that I totally could! It got more real to him as we had u/s's and it was totally real once she was born.

Laura :)

TheWeatherGirl 04-22-10 01:05 PM

Thanks guys, ur definitley boosting my confidence some!! Im leaving work early because A i dont want to be hear and i look like crap, B i had a headache this morning and C just got out of a meeting that made it worse! haha anyway the point of all that is i will call today as soon as I leave and let you guys know!!!

countrycutieluv 04-22-10 01:07 PM

I agree with the others...CAll the doctor ASAP and see when they can get you in. Given your history (I'm all to familiar with myself) they should get you in sooner then you think.I can almost put money on them giving you an u/s right then and there.
I understand what your going through with Kasey. My dh is a big baby and he was even stand off ish with our 3 and 4 pregnancy's just because of our losses. It was also really hard for me to get excited too. I'm sure once you get further and further along the more he will come around.
I have everything crossed for you! Keep us posted!