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How is everyone? Print Version

Mrs.Emily 05-15-10 07:12 PM

How is everyone?
Any updates? I know the first few months are uneventful, and that's a good thing! I have been very sick, nauseated all the time and throwing up 3-4 times a week, sometimes more. I love hearing the baby's heartbeat on the doppler. We have a couple of appointments this week, a nuchal translucency scan on Monday and a 12 week appointment on Thursday! I'm excited to see the baby on Monday!
Other than that, things are well. John is still nursing 3-4 times a day, the pregnancy doesn't seem to bother him at all!
How is everyone else feeling?

Ellie Bellie 05-17-10 01:00 AM

newbie to this board and been mia from the boards for a while but definitely not a tbc newbie! been here since dd1's pg back in 2003 ... ;)

kinda lurked a few times over here .... i'm 7wks a few days w/an EDD for DC4 that just got pushed back to 1.1.11 ... lol ....

had my first u/s and ob appt last week ... m/s has really been picking up and been making me miserable and i had dropped 2 pounds from my np's appt the week before .... started taking some zofran to help w/it but still .... took naps both yesterday and today ... can't seem to not nap if i lay down on the couch .... this pg is kicking my butt a bit right now but i'm trying to not let it show since i know it's such a blessing!

hope it's ok if i "play" over here sometimes even though i'm technically due in jan! most likely baby will come in dec and be a tax write off .... lol


Mrs.Emily 05-17-10 06:03 PM

Sure you can!! It's kinda lonely in here anyway!!! This baby has been really kicking my butt this time!!! I LOVE my 15 month old's nap time!

Ellie Bellie 05-17-10 06:25 PM

lucky you! my girls don't really nap regularly anymore ... dd2 is 4 and dd3 will be 2 next month ... she naps every day but her schedule is so on-the-go b/c of the other girls so it's not guaranteed that i can rest when she does .... i have been throwing up every day now ... i can't wait for the next few weeks to fly by til God willing i start feeling better!

savannah33 05-18-10 07:14 AM

:lurk: Congrats Ellie! Good to see you around. I hope both of you are feeling better soon.